Welcome to Silverlight Madam!

Silverlight is the perfect medium for digital artists.

Here you will learn to create digital assets including website logos, drawings and animations. Using Microsoft’s Expression suite of tools, you will create images useful in game development, cartoons, or just plain fun.

Digital drawing

Microsoft Expression Design is ideal for creating static digital art. Since it can output drawings as XAML, the drawings may be used as inputs to Microsoft Expression Blend, a program capible of producing animations amoung other things.

Star man


Using Expression Blend, you will be able to produce animated art for games, websites and just plain fun.

Click on the book to view an introduction with Silverlight animation.


Silverlight Madam book

Learning Resources

Silverlight Madam is here to help you learn to produce your own artwork and animations in Silverlight. She offers several free tutorials as well as a premium section for paid members. For geeks, we have included technical resources featuring the latest Silverlight information. 

Click on robot to view animation.

Robot Romance